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Avokado Energy AI goes beyond conventional energy efficiency offerings by providing a comprehensive portfolio of AI offerings that accelerate the green energy transition of cities, businesses, and households.

Avokado: a company that brings energy optimization with artificial intelligence

Avokado is a young at heart, innovative, disruptive technology Startup looking to change the way we use, produce, and interact with energy in order to achieve energy opritmization.

We are more than an AI technology creator and incubator. We are a dynamic entrepreneurial company, born out of the investment of MYTILINEOS, a leading energy provider with deep knowledge of the sector, international activity, and credibility.

Avokado is breaking new ground in Energy AI with offerings that make the energy supply chain smarter and better.

Energy AI for cities and utilities.

All our smart AI offerings are purposely designed for enabling more Energy autonomy, more Energy security, and more Flexibility in Energy markets.


All-in-one Platform for Energy AI

Avokado AI™ is the all-in-one AI platform for simplifying Energy Machine Learning (ML) for non-experts. With its AI engine and algorithmic toolbox, Avokado AI™ introduces a new way of creating unified ML environments for the energy industry. Together with AVOS™ and AVOX, Avokado AI™ enables limitless possibilities for optimizing energy systems and driving innovation.

Explore the boundless potential of Avokado AI™, an innovative AI-first platform revolutionizing Energy Machine Learning (ML) for individuals without extensive expertise. Avokado AI™ serves as our dedicated Machine Learning solution tailored for utilities seeking pre-configured models, enabling quicker and more accurate predictions for upcoming events in their energy supply chain.

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Explore the limitless possibilities of AVoS™, a versatile operating system that effortlessly incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into battery energy storage systems (BESS). AVoS™ is our cutting-edge AI software that integrates Energy AI, Geospatial AI, Generative AI, and Blockchain into BESS. Transforming any BESS into an intelligent device, AVoS™ optimizes the economic and environmental advantages derived from decentralized energy resources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen.

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Explore AVOX™, our advanced orchestration platform fusing AVOS™, Avokado Al™, Geospatial Al, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Digital Business models. AVOX™, our intelligent AI platform, is designed to drive the green energy transition in supply chains and cities. It offers solutions for decarbonizing energy systems, transforming grids into smart grids, establishing energy communities, and utilizing decentralized energy resources.

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Why Avokado: your trusted Energy AI provider

What is the idea behind Avokado?

Avokado wants to catalyze the Energy market shift from conventional business models towards flexibility with affordable and easy-to-use Energy AI offerings. Simply put, Avokado is on a mission to turn AI into a knowledge and intelligence “machine” that makes energy supply chains better for the economy, the society and planet Earth.

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