Avokado is a young at heart, innovative, disruptive technology Startup looking to change the way we use, produce, and interact with energy.

A sustainable future depends on the actions we take today and @ Avokado we wholeheartedly believe that with intelligent use of technology we can deliver against this goal.

Backed by one of energy’s major players, we are looking beyond traditional notions of energy and are committed to constantly reinventing ourselves and the market.

A new dawn for the use of energy and how we power our lives is on the rise. Avokado is here to challenge not only the market with the introduction of foundational technology frameworks but us as well in taking a stance towards the kind of future we want and aspire to. In doing so we have to be honest with our efforts and our offerings to our customers.

Where we come from

A dynamic, entrepreneurial start up, backed by an experienced, credible international energy provider.

What we do

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI), data and technology to create innovative, sustainable energy services.

How we differ

We challenge previous notions of energy and constantly reinvent energy offerings tailored to emerging consumer needs.


Innovative, Straightforward, Fun, Youthful


Sustainability, Honesty, Innovation, Agility


To usher a new intelligent relationship with energy for a sustainable future.

Meet Avokado’s AI Products for energy

Explore the boundless potential of Avokado AI™, an innovative AI-first platform revolutionizing Energy Machine Learning (ML) for individuals without extensive expertise. Avokado AI™ serves as our dedicated Machine Learning solution tailored for utilities seeking pre-configured models, enabling quicker and more accurate predictions for upcoming events in their energy supply chain.

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Explore the limitless possibilities of AVoS™, a versatile operating system that effortlessly incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into battery energy storage systems (BESS). AVoS™ is our cutting-edge AI software that integrates Energy AI, Geospatial AI, Generative AI, and Blockchain into BESS. Transforming any BESS into an intelligent device, AVoS™ optimizes the economic and environmental advantages derived from decentralized energy resources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen.

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Explore AVOX™, our advanced orchestration platform fusing AVOS™, Avokado Al™, Geospatial Al, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Digital Business models. AVOX™, our intelligent AI platform, is designed to drive the green energy transition in supply chains and cities. It offers solutions for decarbonizing energy systems, transforming grids into smart grids, establishing energy communities, and utilizing decentralized energy resources.

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Our Team

Panagiotis Kanelopoulos

Co-Founder CEO

Vassilis Nikolopoulos

Co-Founder CTO

Dimitris Karadimas

Chief Business Officer