Energy AI – A Point of View

energy ai

Written By: Dimitris Karadimas, Chief Business Officer
Energy AI is rising up the agenda every day. In the business world, in the global academic community, on social media. And the question is: why so much buzz?

The answer might be relating to the need of breaking away from previous experiences. Just look back a few years, remember the monopolistic market structures and recall the monolithic way we produced and consumed energy.

In this sense, the Energy AI buzz is justified by the rapidly evolving need for more Energy autonomy, more Energy security, and more Flexibility in Energy markets. It is justified by the need of Energy supply chains for more cost savings, more resilience and security of energy infrastructure, smarter electricity grids.

But, what’s in it that makes Energy AI a catalyst of change?

But, what’s in it that makes Energy AI a catalyst of change?

Our point of view is that Energy AI is here to enable a “new order” in the Energy world. A “new order” shaped by AI-defined concepts such as distributed generation, prosumers, flexibility markets. A “new order” dominated by the paradigm shift from traditional to collaborative and interoperable energy systems.

In action, Energy AI is more than a performance and productivity booster. It is a knowledge and intelligence aggregation technology that makes energy systems better. A technology that cannot be matched by traditional statistics or Business Intelligence approaches because it is a fantastic combination of math, physics, engineering, traditional economics, behavioral economics, and many other scientific disciplines into algorithms and models that solve complex problems. A technology designed for making Energy better. Better for the economy. Better for the society. Better for saving planet Earth.

So, we think that Energy AI is the new growth engine for utilities. Energy AI is the new platform for accelerating the green energy transition of cities, businesses, and households. Energy AI is the core technology that makes energy more environmentally friendly, accessible and affordable for the society.

Curious about Energy AI? Let’s navigate together into the world of Energy AI! Let’s explore AI-defined opportunities and benefits in the new era of Energy!