The future of Location AI

location ai

Written By: Alexandros Giannoulis, AI Engineer
In a world where AI models are becoming increasingly complex, Location AI defines the creation of any possible application of Artificial Intelligence through exploiting the geospatial intelligence that is hidden inside Big Data.

The concept of location AI

So, the challenge for Data Scientists is to prove how Location AI is making a difference. Essentially, the concept of Location AI describes the use of models that process geospatially relevant data along with all other types of data. An example of data they utilize can be either the absolute geographic location of the reference object or the relative geospatial and conceptual location of this point compared to demographic data. In this context a well-known technique is the geospatial Kmeans which groups the position points into circles and generates the optimal centroid point of each circle. The fine difference of this Kmeans compared to classical Kmeans is that it takes the geospatial distance between points as a clustering criterion. And the magic behind Location AI is that it can leverage the advantages of Geospatial kmeans and by using other location data techniques such as isolines create a powerful ΑΙ model.

That said, the most interesting thing about Location AI is the breadth and depth of its applications relating to Energy AI. Specifically, one might identify opportunities in the thematic areas of:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Site selection and optimization for Solar PV parks and Wind farms
  • Optimization of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Flexibility services
  • Prosumer and microgrids
  • Smart City and IoT Analytics
  • Environmental Management
  • Energy Supply Chain Optimization
  • Sales Territory Planning
  • Geomarketing
  • Market Analysis

In conclusion, Location AI is a field that is constantly growing and gaining traction in the field of artificial intelligence. Want to know more about Location AI, the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence? Stay tuned for more Location AI on Avokado's website.