More AI for Energy-as-a-Service

Experience the full potential of the AI energy suite offered by Avokado AI: with its user-friendly interface and robust API-first architecture, the AI energy as a service suite the way businesses leverage artificial intelligence to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener future.

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The Fresh AI proposition for enabling more Energy-as-a-Service

AVOKADO AI™ opens new business opportunities for utilities by turning AI into a tangible tech toolkit for redesigning their supply chains and accelerating green energy transition. Simply put, Avokado AI™ is a comprehensive suite of Machine Learning (ML) models that help utilities in redefining their offerings, optimizing operational efficiency, and maximizing profits by putting Artificial Intelligence inside any system, process or service.

  • Automating energy trading activities

    Experience the power of automation as Avokado AI™ streamlines energy trading activities, optimizing efficiency and maximizing profits like never before.

  • Optimizing energy grid operations

    Unleash the true power of energy grids with Avokado AI™. Our platform intelligently optimizes grid operations, ensuring smooth energy flow, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing reliability.

  • Prosumer access and market participation

    AVOKADO AI™ breaks down operational barriers for simplifying access and enabling participation of Prosumers in energy markets towards a decentralized green energy business model.

  • Harnessing Energy Data Science, Geospatial AI, and Blockchain Features

    Release a powerful combination of Energy Data Science, Geospatial AI, and Blockchain capabilities with Avokado AI™. Seamlessly integrate these features into your workflow and witness transformative results.

  • Technology convergence for more AI capabilities

    AVOKADO AI™ combines Energy Data Science, Geospatial AI, Blockchain, and Internet of Things into utility-specific AI capabilities that are essential for Demand Response, Load Forecasting, Smart contracts, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency, Zero Emissions Mobility, and Zero Energy Buildings.

Key functionalities of Avokado Energy API suite

  • Effortless integration with any third-party or legacy system of the utility

    Utilize the potential of Avokado AI™ by effortlessly integrating it with third-party AI software and hardware, expanding the horizons of ML capabilities.

  • Secure deployment of ML models as APIs

    ML models deployed as APIs for seamless inferencing, smooth and reliable operations.

  • Advanced algorithms for edge data processing on BESS and solar PV systems

    Embrace the power of edge data processing with Avokado AI™. Our platform enables your BESS and solar PV systems to process data efficiently at the edge, maximizing real-time insights.

  • Supervised learning algorithms for classification and regression tasks

  • Unsupervised learning algorithms for clustering, association, autoencoders, and anomaly detection

    Unlock the full potential of ML with Avokado AI™. Leverage our supervised learning algorithms for classification and regression tasks, and tap into unsupervised learning algorithms for clustering, association, autoencoders, and anomaly detection.

  • API-based connections to a variety of third-party data sources for enriching ML models with sociodemographic, economic,environmental, and any other data that help in revealing deeper insights

    Broaden the scope of your ML models by seamlessly connecting Avokado AI™ to a variety of third-party data sources. Enrich your models with sociodemographic, economic, environmental, and other data, revealing deeper insights.

  • Dynamic ML model enrichment with Location AI and Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities

    Experience the next level of ML enrichment with Avokado AI™. Our platform integrates Location AI and Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities, allowing your models to adapt and evolve dynamically. On the journey towards Energy-as-a-Service. Experience the future of energy today with Avokado AI™.

AVOKADO AI™ opens up new opportunities in optimizing. Join the journey towards a more sustainable future with optimised solutions for Energy-as-a-Service.

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Meet Avokado’s AI Products for energy

Explore the boundless potential of Avokado AI™, an innovative AI-first platform revolutionizing Energy Machine Learning (ML) for individuals without extensive expertise. Avokado AI™ serves as our dedicated Machine Learning solution tailored for utilities seeking pre-configured models, enabling quicker and more accurate predictions for upcoming events in their energy supply chain.

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Explore the limitless possibilities of AVoS™, a versatile operating system that effortlessly incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into battery energy storage systems (BESS). AVoS™ is our cutting-edge AI software that integrates Energy AI, Geospatial AI, Generative AI, and Blockchain into BESS. Transforming any BESS into an intelligent device, AVoS™ optimizes the economic and environmental advantages derived from decentralized energy resources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen.

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Explore AVOX™, our advanced orchestration platform fusing AVOS™, Avokado Al™, Geospatial Al, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Digital Business models. AVOX™, our intelligent AI platform, is designed to drive the green energy transition in supply chains and cities. It offers solutions for decarbonizing energy systems, transforming grids into smart grids, establishing energy communities, and utilizing decentralized energy resources.

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